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The Garland Strategy is an ongoing research within the framework of the Cultural Commons Quest Office (part of Antwerp Research In the Arts (ARIA)). CCQO is a research platform consisting of eight PhD and Post-PhD Candidates and is initiated by Pascal Gielen. As part of this research group three artists are participating and defining their role and alternative research [strategy] under the title

"The Garland Strategy, Becoming Future Proof in potential Apocalyptic Times"

They see The Garland Strategy as follows:

"On the one hand, we can note that (...) the mutual connections that these branches [of the Garland] interact with, makes that they are intertwined with each other and their environment. This intertwinement creates an infinite expanding movement. This movement is itself also "persistent" in the so-called endless liquid sea of intangible connections between the interpersonal entities.

On the other hand, we discern a continuous movement of the individual parts of the Garland itself, alternating positive and negative poles and as such creating a continuous up and down movement. This phenomenon appears at the cellular level but also at communal and even on cosmological levels. In this sense, scale is insignificant and the Garland serves as a model for a so-called; Hyper Object, which can inevitably be used and interpreted at all levels. It causes stories to be used on all scales.

The Garland Strategy is a methodology that allows the Possible Paradise to take place within the Potential Apocalypse, and this because it inherently requires the positively and negatively charged particles as a fundamental part of its existence. In that sense, it also eliminates the existence of a division because these so-called counterparts prove to be inextricably linked, they need and balance each other. In short, the Garland is a self-generating algorithm."
Excerpt from presentation on The Garland Strategy for CCQO, Antwerp 2017
______________Apple, Eve and The sssnake, a story on Barbarism, Picture from performance, Potluck CCQO, Antwerp, 2017
______________Turtles All the way Down, part of research, 2017
______________Elixir De Vie, Life-elixer, part of research, 2017
Barbarian 1 : Eve
Barbarian 2 : The Snake
Civilized : The Apple

(E)​ ​The Barbarian Citizen
This is a proposal to introduce the idea of the uncivilised (or barbarian) in the concept of the citizen. How to uncivilize yourself, or desophisticate, and use this as a perspective, ​a​s a mode of production?
So the title coud be: the uncivilised citizen - een uitburgerings cursus

(S) Imagine yoursssssself to be a Barbarian.
Bar bar bar barb burbb

(E) A Barbarian with a capital B.

(S) The civilizzzssed needsssss the Barbarian in order to exisssstt t t ttt, just to prooooove itssss own civilizssed-nessssssss
I will be your barbarian, you can be minnnne….

Apple, Eve and The sssnake, a story on Barbarism, Exerpt from text, Potluck CCQO, Antwerp, 2017
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The Garland as it Unfolds Itself, 2017
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