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__________Wellness Centre Future Proof________________
Wellness Centre "Future Proof" is an attempt to reflect and act from the supposition of a ‘potential apocalyptic threat’.

Wellness Centre "Future Proof" aspires to add an extra but nevertheless essential dimension to the concept of "common sustainability" in our Anthropocene.

Wellness Centre "Future Proof" starts from the suggestion that it might be more constructive to look at the world as a place of trauma-processing, instead of "prepping”. We are looking for places (these can also be mental / ideological / imaginary places) where the apocalypse has already taken place, and want to think about them as locations of a possible revival.

__________"Die Denken dat dat allemaal vanzelf gaat"
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___________The Open Source_____________
Poppositions, Brussels, BE
Lodgers #14 M HKA, Antwerp, BE
Relaunch Netwerk Aalst, BE
Work Flow, Sint Niklaas, BE
The Open Source is a multi-media installation with a Shell-shaped Fountain, Porcelain Shells and an Audio-guide.

The Story of ‘Water’ and ‘Shell’ are told by tree characters; Eve, Hydra and Snail.
They go into discussion about the ‘planetary currents’ in relation to these protagonists.
During the audio-guide the Listener is asked to carry a porcelain Shell with him/her and in his way charge it with its personal energy. At the end of the tour the Listener can choose whether to ‘free’ the Water inside the Shell and release it in the Open Source (from which it originates) or to take it home for ‘personal purposes’. In this way determining whether or not the apocalypse will occur.
_______Poppositions 2018____________________
___________Recipes for Earthly Survival_____________
De Tijd, "Kunstbeurs zonder witte hokjes", 19th of April 2018
Artviewer, Special Feature, Poppositions, 23th of April 2018
An adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s ‘The year of the flood’.

What to eat after the Apocalypse?

The performance consisted of serving of food harvested from the Schelde, the river that flows through Antwerp. The food was presented on plastic waist, also coming from the Schelde. On the menu were rabbit, pigeon, seaweed, oysters, different kinds of herbs and fish.

WORK FLOW, Curated by Wim Wauman, Sint Niklaas (BE), 2018
installation view, (c) Karina Beumer
installation view, (c) Artviewer
(c) Liesje De Laet
(c) Liesje De Laet
(c) Liesje De Laet
___________The Manual Treatment_________________
Prepare for what is yet to come in Wellness Centre Future Proof. Through different Treatments - from hand creams to elixirs - we heal your stress-body and guide you through your De-civilisation Process, the development of your Protective Shell towards your Revitalisation. Let your Anachronistic Body determine your Future from Now on.
All will be well.

(Excerpt from the flyer, presented as an introduction on the Treatment)
Liesje De Laet
Katinka de Jonge
Liesje De Laet
Katinka de Jonge
Karina Beumer
Liesje De Laet
Katinka de Jonge
Liesje De Laet
Katinka de Jonge
Shell, multiple, porcelain, plastic, water, 2018, picture (c) Artviewer
Excerpt 'The open Source', audio tour, 2018
Poster Wellness Centre Future Proof, a2 print on paper, 2018