Katinka de Jonge, ยบ1989, Amsterdam

Master of Fine Art Sint Lucas, Antwerp, BE
Master of Fine Art Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam, NL
Lives and works in Belgium and the Netherlands

In my artistic practice I investigate site-specificity, with the emphasis on how a model (blueprint) or design for a site or situation functions in relation to its daily life and -use. The concept of "model" can relate here to an architectural plan or organizational structure, but can also be connected to an advertisement or cultural canon. Through the use of (often absurd) logic and fiction, I explore and de-contextualize existing situations and make an attempt to find the 'holes' and frictions that the planners, developers and designers have left open.

This results in works that are variable in form and medium, often interwoven in a dialogue with the site itself.

_Katinka de Jonge
___________Tina Cake Line
___________Atmospheric Measurement Program
___________Nagele Door Nagele
___________On the Shoulders of Giants
__________The Garland Strategy
___________De Buitenlanders
___________Wellness Centre Future Proof
__________"Die Denken dat dat allemaal vanzelf gaat"