Katinka de Jonge, º1989, Amsterdam

Master of Fine Art Sint Lucas, Antwerp, BE
Master of Fine Art Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam, NL
Lives and works in Belgium and the Netherlands

My practice evolves around the relation between planning and design, versus the daily experience and usage of (public) space. The works often function as a communication tool, and therefore are seen as ‘clusters’ rather than ‘products’.

Each project follows its own line of thought, which results in diverse performative actions, artefacts and various ways of documentation.

‘Site specificity’ is one of the core concepts, questioning the underlying organisational structures, power relations and models that constitute the identity of a place or specific situation.

The projects almost all have a strong communicative and performative character. This means that each time there is a certain form of dialogue with (the people involved in) the site itself, which often result in critical reflections, new forms of encounter, reformulation and other ways of understanding.
Sometimes the site itself as well becomes an entity (‘character’) in the project (see ‘________________’).

Recently, this idea has been further extended and now also includes fictitious initiators/characters (often objects) that constitute a work. Altogether this creates a ‘field of equivocations’ in which I am able to distance myself from my work and the characters enter into a dialogue with each other on certain topics (see for example _____________ __________), but in which entire works themselves can also be ’claimed‘ by a fictional character (see for example ‘_____’).

As a result, the works question the human protagonist as such, while an appeal is made on the empathy of the viewer.

_Katinka de Jonge
___Tina Cake Line
___Atmospheric Measurement Program
___Nagele Door Nagele
___On the Shoulders of Giants
___The Garland Strategy
___De Buitenlanders
___Wellness Centre Future Proof
___Die Denken dat dat allemaal vanzelf gaat
___We zijn naar hier gekomen
___Behold the Keyholders
___The Barbarian Citizen
Nagele door Nagele
Wellness Centre
Future Proof
Under Construction