_Katinka de Jonge
Exhibitions / Performances (selection)
Other Activities
2010 – 2013 Scenography, Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp

2012 – 2013 BA, MA Fine Art, Sint Lucas Antwerpen, Kdg, Antwerp, with great honour
2013 – 2015 School of Missing Studies, Sandberg Institute Amsterdam 

Solo Exhibitions
The Whether or Not Assumptions, MerlynT.Miller [AMP], Paris Texas,
Antwerp (BE)
The Turner Treatment [AMP], Het Kabinet, Ciap, Hasselt (BE)

The Open Source, a story told by Eve, Hydra and Snail, [A M P], Poppositions, Brussels (BE)
The Point of No Return, [Tina Cake Line], Huis Pinto, Amsterdam (NL)
Bacchants, Amsterdam Dance Event, [Tina Cake Line], Amsterdam (NL)
On labour is a crime - underground connections as artistic strategy, [SORRY], lecture and workshop, Sint Lucas Antwerp, Antwerp (BE)
Tox and Detox: The Open Source (with Karina Beumer & Katinka de Jonge), CCQO (Pascal Gielen), Napels (IT)
Sorry Label, [SORRY], Label Market, Het Bos, Antwerp (BE)
The Garland Strategy, [A M P], CCQO (Pascal Gielen), Antwerp (BE)
The Unreliable Protagonist, [SORRY], opening performance: Wellness Centre Future Proof, Netwerk Aalst, Aalst (BE)
Chaos Yoga, [SORRY], een fietstochtje door de haven, Antwerp (BE)
Knutselen met Volwassenen, [SORRY], De Belly, Borgerhout (BE)
Het Sorry Plein, [SORRY], De Belly, Borgerhout (BE)
De Sorry Partij, [SORRY], De Belly, Borgerhout / Tenace, Brussel, In De Ruimte, Ghent (BE)
Trojan Summer (snakbar), [SORRY], Netwerk Aalst, Aalst (BE)
The dogs bark / the caravan moves on/, [A M P] Keistraat 1, Antwerp (BE)
The Wether or Not Assumptions, [A M P], Paris Texas, Antwerp (BE)
Werken is Misdaad, [SORRY], 10 sessions on Art & Labour, de Belly, Antwerp (BE)
Pitch Talk: Sorry, [SORRY], Antwerp Art Convention, De Studio, Antwerp (BE)
Bacchants Inc. [TINA CAKE LINE], Amsterdam Dance Event, Amsterdam (NL)
Gentrify Everything, [SORRY] BORG 2016, Antwerp, (BE)
On the Shoulders of Giants, Poor Media, Utopia Festival, Leuven, (BE)
On the Shoulders of Giants, The State Of Things, IMAL, Brussels, (BE)
Microwave Frequencies, [Tina Cake Line], Over Het IJ Festival, Amsterdam (NL)
Watermanagement, [Tina Cake Line], Water War, BUDA, Kortrijk, (BE)
Fontein van Barmhartigheid, [Tina Cake Line], Misericordia, Non-Fiction, Oude Kerk, Amsterdam (NL)
Mineral Treatment, [A M P], Belguim Performance Festival, VUB, Brussels, (BE)
Turner Treatment, [A M P], Het Kabinet, CIAP Art Center, Hasselt, (BE)
Ruimte voor kleine dingen, Lore Schuerman, Middelheim, Antwerp, (BE)
Nagele Door Nagele, Sandberg Institute Graduation project, Nagele (NL)
Disorderly Meditation Ritual, [Tina Cake Line], STROOM art centre, The Hague (NL)

Little Sister, [Tina Cake Line], collaboration: Volle Band, Bits of Freedom, City Theatre (SSBA), Amsterdam
Three Trees on Climate Change, [Tina Cake Line], Arteles, (FI)

The Shadow Report, [Tina Cake Line] Daemons and Shell Scripts, Museum for Cont. Art (MhKa) Antwerp, (BE)

Normality explained, [Tina Cake Line], council of Research Institute for Art in Public Space (LAPS) Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, (NL)
Security Spy, [Tina Cake Line], Het testen van de Nieuwe Warmte, LLLm3 art gallery, Antwerp,
Traffic, Lokaal 01, Antwerp, (BE)
Solution S, MAGMA Crowded, MAGMA space, Antwerp (BE)
Master Maquette V, masterclass, Nadia Naveau, Verbeke Foundation, Kemzeke (BE)
Language is not transparent, Masterclass, Steve van den Bosch, Objectif Exhibitions, Antwerpen, (BE)
Vorm me, Lore Schuerman, Galerie Martin en van Blerk, Antwerp (BE)
Zwerm, SeconDroom, Antwerp, (BE)
De Bevruchting, Monty ABN, Antwerp, (BE)
Kraak een Tussen-ruimte, [Tina Cake Line], Non-Fiction & Municipality, Amsterdam (NL)
First Things First, Extra City, Antwerp, (BE)
MAGMA EXPO, Garage 92, Antwerp, (BE)
QUASI Baktun, Space 101, Antwerp, (BE)

WE SUCK YOUNG BLOOD, HARMONIE art Magazine, Extra City, Antwerp , (BE)
Everything is Illuminated, Room 161 Antwerp, (BE)
Open Studio, Woonwerkpand Tetterode, Amsterdam

___________Tina Cake Line
___________Atmospheric Measurement Program
___________Nagele Door Nagele
___________On the Shoulders of Giants
__________The Garland Strategy
___________De Buitenlanders
Arteles residency, 01-09/30-09 2015, Finland
Mobile MNSTRY, a.pass, Brussels
Turning a Blind Eye, Bik vander Pol, 01-10/01-12 2014, Saõ Paulo, Brazil 

Laureate Meesterproef, Vlaams Bouwmeester, Brussels
LABO #4 Award, Elements, Champs d’Action, de Singel, Antwerp

Inpuls Subsidie, [SORRY], City of Antwerp, Antwerp (BE)

Nagele Door Nagele, Katinka de Jonge, Constructed Identities, Kunstlicht, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam

Surrealistische landschappen, Elize de Mul, Dansen met een plastic zak, Erasmus University Rotterdam
HARMONIE art magazine
2011 – 2016
Shadow Member of Cultural Commons Quest Office, Pascal Gielen, ARIA, Antwerp
medium at Atmospheric Measurement Program, [A M P]
Co-founder of De Belly, artist-run kitchen
Co-founder of Sorry, non-profit production artist-run organization (www.sorrysorrysorry.org)
Disorderly Group Behavior, Research group, Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam
Mobile Autonomy, Summerschool, Middelheimmuseum, Antwerp
member of performance duo Tina Cake Line (www.tinacakeline.org)

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___________Wellness Centre Future Proof
Wellness Centre Future Proof
How to tame the Multi Headed Dragon in the Palace of Mirrors?

14 - 24th of June, LODGERS#14, M HKA, Antwerp, (BE)
__________"Die Denken dat dat allemaal vanzelf gaat"