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'Behold the Keyholders' is an audio work that revolves around maintenance processes.

As part of 'Mainenance', an exhibition in 'In de Ruimte' in Ghent, recordings were made of the sounds that are heard when theater and exhibition rooms are cleaned. These sounds were recorded at Kunstencentrum Vooruit and then moved to 'In de Ruimte', making the audio an echo of the often hidden processes of cleaning and maintenance that are essential for every art space to function.

Instead of editing the audio and creating something 'beautiful', I decided to make all recordings as unprocessed as possible to the public. With help of a map, the listener was invited to walk around in the imaginary spaces of the Vooruit and get a feel for the sounds behind the scenes.

The exhibition 'Maintenance' was part of the program 'Women and Children First' organised by Vooruit.
Installation views, Behold the Keyholders, In De Ruimte, 2019
Voouit, drawing on paper, 23x15cm, Behold the Keyholders, In De Ruimte, 2019
___________'Behold the Keyholders'
In collaboration with:
In De Ruimte