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T.O.Z, in Dutch 'Tijdelijke Ontmoetings Zone' (EN: Temporary Encountering Zone) is an interactive installation where 'The Encounter' is the central commodity. When two people meet each other, they might shake hands.

But when two hands shake, there is always a little space in between, where the hands do not touch each other. We call this the T.O.Z. (the Temporary Encountering Zone).

We designed a special toolkit by which this Temporary Encountering Zone is filled with a piece of plasticine. The encounter gets an extra dimension because the palms of the shaking hands press the plasticine and create an inprint of the palms.

Concept an Design:
Liesje De Laet
Katinka de Jonge

Thanks to:
SLA, Sint Lucas Antwerpen

Presented on
"From now on you can count on faster and better encounters with the whole world!"
Toolkit, T.O.Z. Social Media Box, ED 3x, multi media, 2019
presentation table T.O.Z., multi media, 2019
display model, plastic hands, plasticine, 2019
overview installation T.O.Z., 2019
Projected image of user manual, T.O.Z., 2019
Detail display, T.O.Z., 2019
Floormat with 'steps', encounter area, T.O.Z., 2019