On the Shoulders of Giants is a project that focusses on the statues and monuments in public area’s in Antwerp.

I scanned the statues and monuments with a 3d scanner and, by creating an archive of these scans, determine the ‘average’ statue of Antwerp. All the scans of the statues are divided in 6 different categories. These scans enabled the possibility to ‘fold and merge’ different scans together and make one and the same monument from the combined scans.

This eventually resulted in seven 3d printed sculptures, one for each category, and one print of all categories together: the average statue of Antwerp. This installation was shown Brussels, Leuven and Antwerp.
_Katinka de Jonge
Installation views On the Shoulders Of Giants, Poor Media, Leuven, pictures Jan Dueirnck, 2016
Chocolate version of the Average Artist, Poor Media, Leuven, 2016
Installation view, The State Of things, Imal, Brussels, 2016
The Average King, The State Of things, Imal, Brussels, 2015
The Average Statue, 3d printed sculpture, app 30x30 cm, The State Of things, Imal, Brussels, 2016
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___De Buitenlanders
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___Wellness Centre Future Proof
___Die Denken dat dat allemaal vanzelf gaat
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Imal.org, The State of Things, 2016
Poor Media, Utopia Festival Leuven, 2016
Concept and design:
Katinka de Jonge
With support of:
Werktank, Leuven
___We zijn naar hier gekomen
___Behold the Keyholders
___The Barbarian Citizen
Under Construction
KIKK Festival, Namur, 2018
Imagining Monuments, Extra City, Antwerp, 2019