The Atmospheric Measurement Program, subsequently listed as AMP, is a trans-mediative organization which does atmospheric measurements.

By doing so, AMP examines Reality Experience. Using Mediums as a transmitter of Life Events, AMP distillates ‘essentials’ and creates a lucidity towards an external body. It brings these ‘essentials’ towards the surface, and so generates a 'repercussion' which results in a parallel perception of Reality Experience.

Former Treatments contain:

- The Mineral Treatment, for which the Mediums of AMP documented all the performances of the Belgium Performance Festival and generated a repercussion by channelling the data into Tibetan quartz (see pictures below)
- The Turner Treatment, where the 'exhibition booth' of CIAP, an art centre in Hasselt, was brought into balance with the surrounding space by turning it around it's own axis (see pictures left)
- The Whether or Not Assumptions, for a group exhibition a fictive artist was invented and functioned as a connecting narrative between the artists participating in the show. The show was presented as a solo show from this fictive artist (see pictures below)
The Whether or not Assumptions, Paris Texas, Antwerp, 2017
The Mineral Treatment, Belgium Performance Festival, VUB, Brussels,
_Katinka de Jonge
The Whether or not Assumptions, book, TWONA, Paris Texas, Multiple, 2017
_____________Greenstar Speculation, When the dogs Bark, the Caravan moves on, groupshow, MAF, Antwerp, 2016_____________
The Whether or not Assumptions [TWONA] was a groupshow in Paris Texas, a gallery in Antwerp, initiated by Wouter Van Loo. Van Loo invited six female artists that were somehow in the same point in their artstic career [Karina Beumer, Erin Helsen, Fia Cielen, Karolien Chromiak, Liesje De Laet and Katinka de Jonge] to join.

Liesje De Laet and Katinka de Jonge were participating under their fictive company name AMP. Questioning the concept of the show [the decision to invite only female artists] they proposed to add a 'fictive layer' over the exhibition, which could form the framework that shaped the connection between the artists participating.

The group then decided to transform the show into a soloshow of one fictive artist, named Merlyn T. Miller.

AMP then reacted with works that anticipated on the formation of this fictive figure, and wrote a fictive novel, organised a seance, and made 'name-cards' that reframed the works in the exhibition space. Next to this they provided the press release of the show where the voice of Merlyn T. Miller was included.
For The Mineral Treatment AMP collected the memories of 24 performances during the Belgium Performance Festival in Brussels, and transferred the energies into quarz [the most sustainable way of Data-storage].

After the festival all the crystals with stored energy and data were sent to the performers of the festival, in this way it was possible for the performers to feel the radiation of the complete festival, from which they all had missed particular parts because of the execution of their own performance.

Greenstar Speculation is a Treatment AMP developed for a groupshow in a building that was being offered for sale by the Real Estate Company Greenstar.

AMP created a presentation booth and [green-keyed] video playing with the name 'Greenstar', but at the same time offering a critical framework to reflect about the notion of gentrification and the role of art spaces by real estate speculation.

They made a video and provided a 'Green Key' for the building.
___Tina Cake Line
___Nagele Door Nagele
___On the Shoulders of Giants
___The Garland Strategy
___De Buitenlanders
__________Atmospheric Measurement Program__________
___Wellness Centre Future Proof
___Die Denken dat dat allemaal vanzelf gaat
___________Green Star Speculation, MAF, Ruimte voo ractuele Kunst, Antwerp (BE)
___________The Whether or Not Assumptions, Paris Texas, Antwerp (BE)
___________Turner Treatment, CIAP, Hasselt (BE)
___________Mineral Treatment, Belgian Performance Festival, Brussels (BE)
___________Golden Handshake, 'Relation-Gift', clay, 2016 - ongoing
Liesje De Laet
Katinka de Jonge
Seance, The Whether or not Assumptions, TWONA, Paris Texas, 2017
___We zijn naar hier gekomen
___Behold the Keyholders
___The Barbarian Citizen