Nagele door Nagele is a performance piece where musicians from Nagele play music which is composed from sound of their own village.

Nagele is a small modernist village in the North East Polder in the Netherlands. Due to it’s remarkable architecture and it’s situation on ‘new land’ Nagele can be seen as a test case in the field of urban planning in the 50ies. The tension there seems to be between preservation of the original design and the (current) needs of the inhabitants became the focus of the project.
The question of urban planning was turned upside down: What cannot be planned in a village like Nagele?

After a detour on the study of birdsong, sound in general became the main interest. Nagele is mainly designed according to sight, for sound comes with the living elements within the design. The sounds of the living village seemed the ‘hole’ the planners had to leave open. The task of the project became to create a portrait of Nagele in sound. This then resulted in a transcribed fieldrecording during a walk in the village, and a music score based on that.

This score was developed in 3 different pieces by composer Anthony Dunstan and resulted in 3 performances in the Nagele on 27 of June 2015, where people form Nagele played the score based on sounds recorded in their own village. They were performances from 3 of a kind, a girls band, the Apollo Ensemble which is a chamber orchestra specialized in old Baroque and a performance in one of the three the churches of Nagele, where an organ piece was played.
_Katinka de Jonge
________________________Nagele Door Nagele, map of Nagele with route, drawing on paper, 2015
Nagele 'Housing in Nagele', 1958. (Fotocollectie Nieuw Land; RIJP, J.U. Potuyt)________________________
________________________Nagele Door Nagele, Three of a kind band performance, pic, Jo Caimo 27.06.2015
________________________Nagele Door Nagele, Installation view, Master exhibition, 20.06.2015
Ex. Civil disobedience, Source: Google Maps, viewed on 25.09.2016________________________
NOP "Verkavelingskaart", Noordoostpolder, 1948, by C. van Eesteren, Nai, EEST 9-249 ________________________
Apollo Ensemble, performance of the Nagele Score, Nagele door Nagele,
Music composed by Anthony Dunstan, 2015
________________________Installation View, Audiotour with 3 recordings, Nagele, 2015
_____________Exerpt from Nagele Door Nagele, Article, by Katinka de Jonge,
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__________Nagele Door Nagele______
Published in Kunstlicht [Constructed Identities], 2016
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___Die Denken dat dat allemaal vanzelf gaat
Flevopost (NL)
Kunstlicht, Constructed Identities, 2016
Concept and design:
Katinka de Jonge
With support of:
School of Missing Studies,
Sandberg Institute Amsterdam
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