Sorry was an artist-run organisation based in Antwerp. With every project different artists join the collective.

The need for collaboration was one its foundations. This ‘collaboration’ takes different shapes, but came from a necessity to, whilst acting, enter a dialogue with the artistic field. By doing this Sorry aimed to offer a counterweight to solitary art practice.

As an organisation, Sorry asked itself questions around authorship and the regular mechanisms of production and consumption of art [not only art] in our society.

Sorry did deliberately put itself in a peripheral position in relation to the artistic field. This generates diverse 'modes of production' that created a freedom of movement in which non-artistic models and roles could be explored.
__________________The New Air, Squatting of a former Artist in Residence (AIR), Antwerp, 2016
__________________Werken Is Misdaad, poster for recurrent event, De Belly, Antwerp, 2016
_Katinka de Jonge
_7 MAGMA 7, group-photo, Antwerp, 2014
___Tina Cake Line
___Atmospheric Measurement Program
___Nagele Door Nagele
___On the Shoulders of Giants
___The Garland Strategy
___De Buitenlanders
___Wellness Centre Future Proof
___Die Denken dat dat allemaal vanzelf gaat
___________De Belly_______________________________________________
De Belly was a vegetarian open kitchen which is started as ice-cream shop in September 2016.

De Belly departed form the idea that, by organizing ourselves on another way, new possibilities appear to generate means/commodities that can support our (individual or collective) artistic practice, but can also be an inherent part of this, or question it.
___We zijn naar hier gekomen
___Behold the Keyholders
___The Barbarian Citizen
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