_______________________Bike Performance, roundabout somewhere in Belgium, 2015
______________________Re-enactment, performance, three country point of Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany, 2015
________________________Boat performance, Tenace, Peruweltz, Belgium, 2015
_Katinka de Jonge
Stavelot, roundabout performance, video from performance, 2014
______________________Artefact from Nutella Performance, Factor 44, Picture by Ignace de Bruyn, Antwerp 2015
______________________Duane Zoll Eiskaffe, three country point of Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany, 2015
‘De Buitenlanders is an artist collective incognito. Performing as a music band but not able to let go on their unaccustomed past, De Buitenlanders are in a permanent and literary identity crisis. They live in the in-between and evoke turmoil and noise.

By trying to relate to all aspects of their surrounding they make an attempt for one way communication to their outer galaxy, and amplifed by this feeling of estrangement they try to tune in. De Buitenlanders come from nothing, they go nowhere, alienated from past, present and future.’

___Tina Cake Line
___Atmospheric Measurement Program
___Nagele Door Nagele
___On the Shoulders of Giants
___The Garland Strategy
__________De Buitenlanders_________________________
___Wellness Centre Future Proof
___Die Denken dat dat allemaal vanzelf gaat
From and with:
Jo Caimo
Boris van Heerden
Katinka de Jonge
and guests
___We zijn naar hier gekomen
___Behold the Keyholders
___The Barbarian Citizen
Under Construction